Divorce, Child Support & Family-Related Legal Issue Consultation

Rosenthal | Thurman | Lane offers a flat fee first time detailed consultation.

Our website will provide you most basic general information. The detailed consultation will go over the specifics facts of your case to help identify the best way we may be of help to you.

The purpose of the detailed consultation is to give you enough information so that you will have some direction on handling your divorce, child custody or support issues. The detailed consultation also allows the opportunity to sit down and go through specifics of potential support orders, and assist in identifying any issues of property division. Part of any detailed consultation is to-give you ideas on how you can approach your spouse about initiating a divorce in the most amicable fashion possible or assess if it is possible. The goal of the detailed consultation is to provide the first steps in resolving issues with your spouse or to put you on track to gather the information ultimately necessary at trial. In any respect, Rosenthal | Thurman | Lane highly encourage you to arrange a first detailed consultation if you are considering divorce.

Considering a divorce & have questions about filing, alimony or child support payments?
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