Marriage Planning

Many people go into marriage without ever thinking about all of those things that could go wrong.

Often, it is the farthest thing from your thoughts when you are about to get married. However, it is not a bad idea for people, especially people who have already been married before to make an appointment with Rosenthal | Thurman | Lane to assess how to maintain the identity of your separate property. The property division section of this website outlines the difference between marital property and separate property. Separate property is any property that you had coming into the marriage. At the time of the divorce you need to be able to trace any separate property into an existing asset. Sitting down and having a marriage planning consultation with our attorneys about that is never a bad thing to do and might also help you.

Further, it might provide ideas in talking to your spouse about how to maintain the finances so that will not become a future source of problems or fights. This may include drafting a prenuptial agreement. Aren’t they the definition of marriage planning!!

The best way to prevent an unhappy divorce is to provide for a happy marriage.

Getting married? There are a few things to consider regarding asset & financial protection before your big day.
Our attorneys can help you through the process, contact us today for more info.